Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Story That Needs to be Told - and - Documented


Dear Education Activists, Concerned Citizens, and Public Officials,

The above headline is part of a proposal that I am sending out to education activists and those concerned with the misuse of the evaluation process that amounts to an attack on quality education. Over the past year, many teachers have reported that they are experiencing a blatant misuse of the Massachusetts evaluation system. The objectivity of the evaluation is in serious question and open to widespread misuse for reasons other than improving our schools. We need to find out how pervasive this is and document how highly skilled, wonderful teachers are being driven out of our schools and our students and schools are losing out. Our students cannot and should not lose great teachers to politics and business interests. We must not allow our teachers and administrators to be denigrated and bullied by a system that allows for misuse of the evaluation process for purposes other than high quality teaching and learning. This includes preventing the targeting of teachers and administrators who are resisting pressure to carry out inappropriate or bad teaching practices that serve the interests of data obsessed and test obsessed mayors, superintendents, and other administrators. Our schools must be a place where we can have free and open discussions about quality teaching practices without the fear of intimidation and retaliation. We must stand up and challenge these practices.

My proposal is to hold a public hearing or hearings to take testimony from teachers, administrators, and others who have taken part in the new Massachusetts evaluation system. I strongly believe that what is happening now in the schools needs to be documented for the future analysis of what's happening to our education system in this country, realizing that the powers that be have ultimate control because, of course, they control the money. Our intention is to at least document the reasons for the possible demise of public education, and the effect this has on our democracy. Maybe history does not need to repeat itself, somewhere down the line?

If you have been targeted for speaking up against bad teaching practices, for being a veteran teacher, for trying to maintain quality teaching instead of teaching to the test, or for trying to keep a joyful, challenging, and creative classroom instead of following bad pedagogy mandated by your top down administrator or superintendent, please contact us. If you or someone you know has a story to tell that needs to be told, please contact us at:

filminfo (at)

We call on union representatives and officials, education activists, community activists, state and local public officials, elected representatives and concerned individuals to call for and organize a hearing or hearings to address the attacks on teachers which amounts to an attack on the quality of our schools. If you would like to participate in organizing and coordinating this effort, please contact us:

filminfo (at)

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